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Our company blossomed on two simple principles – friendship, and a shared fascination with languages and culture. We have always been intrigued by how languages have the power to unite us, and we truly believe that offering information in as many languages as possible is the key to unlocking potential and can build true, genuine relationships with people. Trustworthy, ambitious, and passionate, we pride ourselves on connecting effectively with people, no matter who you are or where you are from.

We are top qualified translators and have first-hand experience of living and working across the globe, so we can offer the insight and first-class service you need and deserve. Whether you’re a start-up looking for a marketing translation, or a large firm seeking technical documents in multiple languages, we will work with you to achieve your multilingual goals.

Roots are everywhere – in living things, in language, in business. They branch out in many directions and reach many points, but ultimately still remain the foundations for strength and their development. This stems back to our belief that the further you reach out with your ideas, the more they will take root amongst others and bring further connections and opportunities for you. To us, languages are the root of all communication, and this communication is what can help you to grow and flourish.

Up close and personal

Bliss Verna picture - Roots Translation
Bliss Verna, Co-founder and Director

I had a bilingual upbringing, from Italian and English heritage, and naturally developed a deep-rooted passion for languages and culture. My studies included one year working and studying in Barcelona, Spain, where my course specialised in translation and interpretation. I continued to study French, Spanish, and Italian and acquired a wealth of useful experience translating various industry materials over the years. I found my specialisations in translation as a consumer of TV and film, and whilst working alongside nonprofits to support their multilingual needs.

Noting some poor quality subtitles, whilst simultaneously being struck by the impact translation has in legal services, I was inspired. I wanted to improve things and to remove the language barrier, so Roots Translations was born.

I hold a BA Honours in Spanish and Latin American Studies from King’s College London University and a Master’s in Translation.
My working languages are English, Italian, Spanish, and French. I am a proud member of CIOL.

We’ve since been working with companies like Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Make-A-Wish, and we’re always ready to partner up with more of our favourites.

When I am not translating, you can find me reading a book, eating rigatoni, learning a new language, or on the beach in Brighton, UK.

Quality translations

by real translators

We know all too well how hard it can be to find the right translation partner for your work. To preserve your ideas cross-culturally and ensure your content is truly understood and absorbed, you need a company who knows your target audience inside out and who have long-term, first-hand experience in said culture and communities. It calls for a deep knowledge of cultural customs, religions and traditions, societal norms, linguistic variations, social courtesy, and the country’s general way of life. It calls for a creative linguistic expert to adapt culture specific jokes, references, standardisations, and formats to be relevant in the target language. Roots embodies this.

We like to create a long-standing relationship with our clients so they always know they have someone reliable in their corner. Someone who genuinely gets them and their vision.

We hand-pick the world’s best translators for each language pair and service that will join your custom-made team of translators, editors, subtitlers, or SEO specialists. They’ll get to know you completely, so you and your work are in safe hands. You’ll also have your own project manager to oversee the process is seamless and communications are clear.



French and Japanese to English professional translator since 2018. Language aficionado since 1995. All about etymology, gender inclusive language, and environmental science. MA degree in Translation. Spends his free time reminiscing about his year in Sapporo and Paris, burying his face in a book, studying new languages, or cooking Asian delights.


Creative Director

BA in Human Geography. MSc in Food, Nutrition, and Wellbeing Management. Specialised in ethnographic research into cultured and gendered roles.
Former Head of Production at a video production company, now spends her time practicing yoga and being in nature.


Swahili Interpreter & Translator

BA in Development Studies & Social Anthropology. Specialised in the negative impact of the West in African countries. Spends her time between Tanzania and England, running her charity providing street children with a safe home and education. Interpreting and translating since 2013 for social welfare and police. Is currently learning to be a DJ.


Our passion for language is mirrored in each project we complete. We carry out fervent research to understand more about you and your brief to ensure that we are completely clued up on what we're translating. What's more, no project is too big or too small. here at Roots, we take huge pride in creating your multi-lingual content, no matter what it is. This isn't juste what we do; it's what's we love.


People are at the hearts of language, and language is the heart of our company. This is why we prioritize close communication with you. We understand regional and cultural sensitivities and know how to build strong rapports that will expand your global opportunities. Thorough communication is the key to creating a successful partnership, no matter what form of language you are working in.


Each word is precious in our translations. We preserve the perfect balance of hand-crafting each project and using out CAT memory tools to maintain consistency throughout our translations, saving you both time and money in the future. We appreciate the importance of conserving the original message as well as localizing it, and we have the utmost respect for tight deadlines, lexical accuracy and exceptional quality.

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Roots Translations is a multilingual translation service specialising in the audiovisual and legal field.

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