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A selection of our Work

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Drag Race Italia – Season 3 – Paramount+/MTV/WOW Presents Plus

Italian to English Subtitles.

Chef’s Table: Pizza – Netflix

Italian transcription, English translation and subtitling of episode 2: Gabriele Bonci, and episode 4: Franco Pepe.

Melbourne International Comedy Club

English captioning for a few comedians.

The Law According to Lidia Poët – Netflix

Italian to English subtitles of the series.

Eurostat : Stats In A Wrap – Spotify

English Transcription.

Hell Is Others – Strelka Games/Yonder (Video Game)

Italian to English translation.

Paraiso – HBO MAX

Spanish to English subtitles.

EdiliziAcrobatica – Website

Italian to English website translation.

Mixed by Erry Rai Cinema/Netflix

Italian to English subtitles.

Agarèn – Website

Italian to English website translation.

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Roots Translations is a multilingual translation service specialising in the audiovisual and legal field.

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